CHRISTIAN DIOR / Musée des Arts Décoratifs

©Christian Dior — Adrien Dirand




I had the incredible chance to work not only with Dior, one of the biggest luxury company worldwide, but for the 70th anniversary of the brand at the magnificent Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, the biggest and longest exhibition the museum as ever had.

The studio I was doing my internship in, Anamorphée, was commissioned for designing all the typographical aspect of the exhibition. They asked me to make all the safety and guiding markings throughout the museum.

it included a lot of precision : the adhesives had to be at the right place and the right size, it was a wild ride. For Dior, detail is everything. I was thrilled by this kind of challenge. 

Here are some of the safety and guiding adhesive markings I designed for Dior : 












And here’s me, posing proudly near an adhesive I designed.




Here you can see a glimpse of the simulations guide I sent to Dior, for validation :