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Aurore 404, which is really hard to pronounce in english, is a young label from Paris, dedicated to electronic music of all kinds and imprints. We are a strong group of 15 friends that founded the label back in April 2018. I am in charge of the AD and branding : every image we post online has been designed by me, including the logotype, the textures and even the Aurore 404 font. I designed the first couple of Various Artists EPs, Avec ou sans sucre ?  and Ablutions. We also threw some big parties in nice clubs, including four at the Nouveau Casino, an iconic Paris’ joint. Here is some Facebook event covers i designed for our gigs there :





















oh, and here is a part of the team :





C’EST NOTRE ANNIVERSAIRE et 1 an ça se fête 🎈Pour l’occasion Ian Pooley, Soeurs Malsaines et toute la team seront là pour retourner le Nouveau Casino avec vous 💣Rdv le 17 mai, Aurore 404 fête ses 1 an avec Ian Pooley & Soeurs Malsaines 🎁Teaser réalisé par Romain Rodrigues avec en bande son un track de notre prochain EP 🤫

Publiée par Aurore 404 sur Vendredi 26 avril 2019


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